Dear St. Stephen’s church family,

Dear St. Stephen’s church family and friends,

Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvellous things! -Psalm 98:1

Pentecost Celebrations

Speaking the Same Language!

Our English Language Class met in person on Tuesday evening. We provide volunteers and space for this Saskatoon Open Door Society Program. We had people from 5 different countries in our small group: Ukraine,Iran, India, Brazil and China. We continue to meet on Zoom throughout June and will meet in person one last time before breaking for summer.  

thank you

to Nora (and Eldon)  for planting seeds and nurturing our church flower beds. There are already some baby sunflowers (as we continue to pray for the Ukraine) coming up and various other flowers and vegetables. There are several small pine seedlings if you wish to have and plant in your own garden.


Sunday was a great day of celebration for the church and the world. We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the gathered disciples in Jerusalem, and all that it means for us today. At our 10:30 am service, we worshipped together with the Malayalam congregation. Julie led children’s church on the lawn during the service, following the children’s talk.  

Afternoon Tea

We held an Afternoon Tea with sandwiches and sweets, tea and lemonade. Tables were set in the Prest Hall and outside. 

Art Show through June

Many of our artists have allowed for their art to stay up in the Prest Hall. You are warmly welcome to come and take a look! It is a wonderful celebration of the creativity of the Holy Spirit. Children’s art was displayed outside on Sunday–a beautiful collection. Children’s art is no longer on display. 

And finally, we have a table of items for sale highlighting Ven. Larry’s painting of St. Stephen’s. The original painting will be on display and is such a wonderful reminder of Pentecost as the birthday of the church.


I was reading an amazing commentary on the book of Genesis this week by Walter Brueggemann, and I flipped to the front of the book to find it had been given to me by John Davies. Thank you John! Rev. John led his granddaughter Anna and her now husband Simon through their wedding vows on Saturday afternoon in Winnipeg! Blessings on their new life together!

Parish Cycle of Prayer

Monday: we give thanks for the gift of our parish, called together by the Holy Spirit and centred on Christ. We pray for each person who is a part of our congregation, that they may be strengthened and inspired afresh by the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday: for Paul and Christine with Rachel

Wednesday: for Bill and Edith 

Thursday: for Cody

Friday: for Rev. Sunil and Sabitha, and their children, and for the people of the Malayalam community at St. Stephen’s

A quote for this week in Pentecost:

How often we children have been unwilling: unwilling to listen to each other, unwilling to hear words we do not expect. But on that first Pentecost the Holy Spirit truly called the people together in understanding and forgiveness and utter, wondrous joy. The early Christians, then, were known by how they loved one another. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could say that of us again? Not an exclusive love, shutting out the rest of the world, but love so powerful, so brilliant, so aflame that it lights the entire planet – nay, the entire universe! -Madeleine L’Engle

Sent with joy and hope in Christ,

The Rev. Amy