I'm New Here

If you’ve never been to church, or it’s been a long time, know that you are welcome and it’s between you and God, really! Servicescommunity

get comfortable

You’re welcome here!

Doing anything for the first time can cause some level of anxiety and this is true for coming through the front doors of a church. God welcomes us as we are and invites us into relationship with Him. If you’re feeling nudged towards coming to church, it is probably a good thing to follow that nudge!

That being said, here are some things to expect:

Come on in!

There will be somebody at the door saying good morning and welcome. The sanctuary is upstairs, so if you need to use the elevator, the greeters will help you out. There is a place to hang your coat if you like, to the right upstairs.

We accept you as you are.

By the way, there is not a dress code in church. Some wear their “Sunday best,” others wear casual clothes. It’s up to you.

It's easy to follow along.

We sit in pews, sit wherever you like. There will be a leaflet, with announcements and the page numbers for the various parts of the service. We use a prayer book, which is in the shelf in front of you if you want to follow along. Usually the pages are announced.

The choice is yours!

We sit, kneel (if able), and stand at different times, depending on what is happening in the service. This can be kind of strange if you’re not used to it, but feel free to simply sit and observe.

Communion is optional.

Communion takes place about half way through the service, following the readings and a sermon. Communion is the sharing in the presence of Jesus in bread and wine. If you’re not a Christian or don’t know whether you want to take part in this, you can either come up for a blessing prayer or just remain seated while others go up to the front. If you choose to come up to the front for a blessing, just cross your arms across your chest to indicate that you’d prefer not to take the bread and wine.

Anointing comes next.

After communion, there is an option of receiving the laying on of hands and a prayer for healing, with anointing. Anointing is using a small amount of blessed oil and placing it on your forehead as a prayer is said. This happens to the right of the front, by the side door. All are welcome to receive this anointing and healing prayer.

Then it's time to socialize!

After the service, there is a social time of fellowship and conversation in the upstairs hall. This can be a good way to connect with people.

Left with more questions?

If you have any additional questions or concerns about taking a first step and exploring what church might look like, be in touch! We’d love to talk with you. Or, visit our FAQ page for more information.