Easter! The Lord is Risen!

Dear St. Stephen’s family and friends,

Blessings on this sunny afternoon.

“I will praise the Lord who counsels me. Even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Last week many children enjoyed our annual Easter egg hunt! Thank you to our youth for hiding the eggs and to all who helped to make last Sunday’s service beautiful and special. Searching for easter eggs is a good metaphor for life! We look for the many good things that are hidden all around us. If we are not paying attention, we may not notice all the of the sweet and beautiful things that God has given to us.

We are planning to hold Vacation Bible School this summer! The theme will be: Kingdom Rock! The dates we have chosen are July 17th-21st! Please mark your calendars and look for sign up sheets for volunteers and children, and more information. It takes a village to make a VBS happen and we are looking forward to doing this for our church family and community.
I see that there is a new initiative to hold an ecumenical Vacation Bible School at Queen’s House through the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. Stay tuned for more information about this also! I know Cathryn would love to hear from you if you are available to help out.

Please note that the final book study will take place on Thursday, April 27th at 1:30, (not April 20th). We will finish with chapter 5–How to Fail Really Well! Stay tuned for details about our next book.

St. Stephen’s visiting ministry  needs you! We are holding a session for all who are interested in being a part of this ministry on Monday, April 24th at 7 pm in the Mitchell Hall. All are welcome. Visitors will visit in pairs, to assigned people, once a month. Please prayerfully consider if you might be called to be a part of this! It is such an important way for us to live our our vision–a Christ centred, Holy Spirit led, Caring community that is outward focussed. We live in a society where staying connected and avoiding isolation is so very important and does not simply happen without effort. What can we do as a church to be the body of Christ for one another?

In a divided and lonely world those who have been called into friendship with Jesus need to be, even in their differences, more bound to each other, not less. The world needs a people who are so closely bound together by the God who is love that htey can afford to differ from and with each other and still meet at the table of the Eucharist, the feast of their friendship in Christ.
-Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt (from The Love that is God: An Invitation to Christian Faith).


Sent with faith, hope and love in Christ,
Rev. Amy <><

The Rev. Amy