Bible Studies

One of the best ways to continue to deepen in faith and learning is to be a part of a small group or Bible Study.

  Our vision

Being a Christian involves a commitment to lifelong learning! In our Baptismal covenant, we commit to “following in the Apostle’s teaching and fellowship.

Current Studies:

C.S. Lewis and the Delightful Diabolical Daring of Lent–Sundays after Lenten Lunch. Come and join in the conversation as 2 devils debate how to best entrap their human “patients.” We read the chapters aloud each week so no need to read ahead. Bringing a copy of the Screwtape Letters is helpful (can download for free). 


A Different Way | Renovaré

We are currently reading Christopher Hall’s A Different Way on Thursdays, at 1:30 (see calendar for cancellations or changes).



Mark: N. T. Wright for Everyone Bible Studies: Wright, N. T.:  9780830821822: Books -

We are doing 4 sessions on the gospel of Mark, Tuesday evenings, 7 pm. Call/email for more information.



 See calendar for any cancellations or changes.

Further learning

We also offer 4-6 week long studies at various times of the year. We have been using the Pilgrim series, which provides a basis for looking at various aspects of our faith and tradition and applying them to our lives.