4th Week in Easter

Dear St. Stephen’s church family,

Thank you to all for the warm and wonderful weekend, with the ConfirmMitzvah on Saturday night, and the service of Confirmation on Sunday. We were blessed by the presence of our Bishop, Chris Harper, at both of these events and he sends his warm wishes and blessings for our parish, sharing how much he enjoyed being with us, hearing the music, and most importantly, meeting the people. He left for Toronto on Sunday afternoon, in order to receive an honourary doctorate at Wycliffe College in Toronto.

There are pictures posted on the Diocesan website (managed by our own Karen Whitelock)—Please check them out! Here’s the link: https://www.anglicandiocesesaskatoon.com/bishop-chris-tracy-travel

There are also photos and videos on our facebook page—just look up St. Stephen’s Anglican church.

Many blessings to Rachel, Kaiden, Josh, Garen, Quinlyn, Nathan and Henry, as they continue their journey of faith, having been confirmed in their commitment to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

 Other news:

1. Gift baskets for shelters in Saskatoon

Thank you to Donna and team for all of the work they did assembling gift baskets for shelters. We made 77 baskets and delivered them yesterday. Baskets were taken to the YWCA women’s shelter, Adelle House, Interval House and EGADZ. 2 boxes of toiletries went to the Lighthouse. What a beautiful way to bless the community and share God’s love in a tangible way.

2. Vestry Meeting

Thursday, May 16th at 7:15 pm

3. The Living Room

Come and make room for God, others nad yourself. A program for parents. Meet at church at 10 am. Friday, May 17th.

4. Unfinished Projects

Come and bring a project in process, have coffee and meet with others, 1:30 pm in the Mitchell Hall.

4. Support our seminary student, John

John is a theology student at Emmanuel and St. Chad, and will be ordained as a deacon in the Diocese of Calgary on Saturday, June 8th, the Eve of Pentecost. I would like to give him the gift of a set of stoles, that have been made by a member of our parish (and are a very good price). If you wish, please consider donating $5 to this initiative and the gift will be given on behalf of St. Stephen’s church.

Parish Cycle of Prayer

For the month of May, we continue to pray for our confirmation candidates, who have now been confirmed. May they grow in the knowledge and love of God and of his son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

We pray for The Rev. John and Anne, and for Friday and Grace with Mueka, Buabe, Barinadum and their families.

Love and peace in Christ,

The Rev. Amy <><