Bible Studies

One of the best ways to continue to deepen in faith and learning is to be a part of a small group or Bible Study.

Due to Covid 19 precautions, in person studies and gatherings are subject to change or go online. Please contact the church if you have any questions. 

our vision

Being a Christian involves a commitment to lifelong learning!

Being a Christian involves a life long commitment to lifelong learning! In our Baptismal covenant, we commit to “following in the Apostle’s teaching and fellowship. We have just completed a book study on Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. We are starting a Lenten Bible reading/study using the First Nations Version of the New Testament (put out by IV Press. Dr. Terry M Wildman) in March 2022. Thursdays at 1:30. Contact church for more information. 

Offered Thursdays in Lent at 1:30pm. See calendar for any cancellations or changes.

Further learning

We also offer 4-6 week long studies at various times of the year. We have been using the Pilgrim series, which provides a basis for looking at various aspects of our faith and tradition and applying them to our lives.